FREE: Obligation (Harmony Falls University, #1) by Lexi Lawton

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05/09/2022 – 05/13/2022

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She's obligated to him — she's obsessed with another.

When Carissa Jordan met Danny Greene during her freshman year of college, she thought she’d found “the one.” But after suffering a shared loss, their relationship takes a nosedive. Angry and grief-ridden, Danny finds comfort in other women while becoming emotionally abusive toward Carissa. Riddled with guilt for what happened early in their relationship, Carissa feels obligated to Danny.

As their relationship continues to deteriorate, Carissa buries herself in college classes and pledging a sorority, where she meets the sexy and charming Bradley Moore. He’s everything Carissa didn’t know she deserved—and Bradley has his sights set on winning Carissa’s heart. But will her misplaced obligation to Danny prevent her from giving in to her intense feelings for Bradley?

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