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04/19/2022 – 04/20/2022

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How often have you been confused or felt like a complete loser?

Did you realize that life is passing you by?

Have you experienced disappointment and felt inexplicable anxiety about tomorrow?

Did you feel empty and unable to act?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this book is for you.

Some of us can motivate ourselves quite easily towards a goal, but for others, we need a daily shot of inspiration. It is no exaggeration to suggest that just a few well-chosen words, each morning, could mean the difference between success and failure.

This book, "MOTIVATIONAL QUOTES BOOK: THE BEST INSPIRATIONAL QUOTES FOR EVERYDAY LIFE, CONFIDENCE & SUCCESS (An Uplifting Gift Book of Encouragement, Wisdom, and Happy Thoughts)" by Serge Kozlovsky, is packed full of such quotes, and provides you with:

• A source of positive inspiration and affirmations at your fingertips

• The means with which to shape your future

• The perfect start to everyday

• A boost in confidence and conviction

• Rediscovery of the leadership potential in you

• A platform upon which to build

• The wisdom of life hidden in short collection of quotes

• And much, much more…

Are you ready for the transformation and changes?

So, what are you waiting for?

Now it is your time to find harmony and inner balance.

You are invited to read one of these inspirational quotes each day. And when you do, let it simmer; taste it, exhale it; meditate on it.

Some of these quotes are meant to make you laugh, some to make you cry, some to inspire you, and some to spur you into action.

But all of these quotes are meant to bring you closer to yourself, to look deep within your being, and believe that you can do anything.

All quotes presented in the book are the fruits of more than 25 years of work by the author. He sought to inspire other people.

The author's friends used these quotes and they reached an understanding of their problems which encouraged the author to write further.

This book will uplift your spirit and give you encouragement and happiness.

Giving makes you bigger.

Giving is a defining characteristic of those who keep scaling higher peaks in life. These best quotes were handpicked for you so you can discover the greater values that make you who you are. But on your journey toward success you should share these quotes with others, to enable them to see the bigger picture, so they too can know themselves better and unleash the giant from within.

The unknown beckons you.

Keep this life-changing book with you. Read a quote. When motivation strikes you, write it down. Make any idea that arises within you a part of your action plan and keep going. You can also give this book as a gift to someone you care about.

This book will delight you in every way. ♥♥♥

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