FREE: Maisha and the Rainbow Tree by Jeffrey Blander

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05/10/2020 – 05/10/2020

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Isabella is a ginormous Rainbow Maple tree. Hidden at the bottom of her trunk is a door that leads to an amazing rainbow slide. Maisha and her friends ride the slide to colorful and fantastic far-away places…
Then, a developer plans to cut down the beloved tree. Maisha and the community use a “Let’s get to work!” attitude to help save Isabella. Join Maisha’s inspiring journey as she organizes a protest with her family, friends, and neighbors.

Inspired by true events, Maisha and the Rainbow Tree shares a powerful message of everlasting love, hope, friendship, and advocacy that reaches around the world and beyond.

All author proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to charitable causes impacting the earth and supporting families in need.

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