FREE: Living in Sync with Your God-Given Design by Carolyn Thomson Twaddle

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08/13/2017 – 08/15/2017

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Are you looking for a life-changing book that cuts through all the noise and gets to the heart of what matters most? One that will truly make a difference in your life?

This book goes beyond the typical Band-Aid approach often found in self-help books to where the deeper answers life. It offers fresh insights and practical help for addressing the personal issues we most often struggle with today. In this book, you’ll:

• Find your faith renewed as your doubts fade
• Uncover ways you’ve unknowingly been sabotaging your own life
• Be encouraged as you discover simple and easy things you can start doing that’ll make all the difference
• Master the art of making choices that are life-giving rather than life-depleting
• Better understand how to slow down, calm the chaos, take a breath, and enjoy the moment
• Learn how to say goodbye to feeling overwhelmed with life, and begin to live life as it was truly designed to be lived!

Follow the advice in this book, and before you know it, you’ll be experiencing more joy and peace than you have in a long time.

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