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07/06/2022 – 07/08/2022

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The days may be cold, but the nights are red hot in USA Today bestselling author Lucy Monroe’s new Northern Fire contemporary romance series.

Deborah Banes gave up her family for her dreams and when the role of a lifetime requires a location shoot in Cailkirn, Alaska, she know she can weather the freezing cold temperatures. It’s the heat she feels when she sets eyes on the tall, rugged, and impossibly stubborn Rock Jepsom that has her worried.

Rock doesn’t live by anyone’s rules but his own. He’s given everything he has to make his land and his hometown something he can be proud of, and he’ll be damned if he’s going to give it all up to bright lights and big stars. Not even Deborah Banes’ mega-watt smile can convince him to change his mind. But as the sparks between them intensify, Rock realizes that the fire they’re feeling could be more than the smoke and mirrors of Hollywood . . . it could be the real thing.

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