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02/21/2020 –

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If you could have everything you dreamed of, when would you say stop? If you could choose to be anyone, what would you turn into?

June, 1992. In a hotel in sunny Malta two forces collide: Evelina, an ordinary teenager, and Richard, a Hollywood actor. She sweeps him off his feet and he promises her the sun, the moon, and the stars. Seduced by the illusions of glamour and grandeur, Evelina rises from her lowly background to become an object of desire, worship, and obsession.
During her journey of self-discovery many hearts will be broken. But who will pay the ultimate price? After the stardust rubs off, can a girl chasing her destiny in a world of men ready to lead her astray find her way out of the dark and reclaim what is rightfully hers?

A fallen angel. A rebel. A dreamer. A fighter.
A woman of her own.


“Diamond, Glass, and Ice”—an epic tale of temptation, forbidden loves, survival, and female empowerment. A coming-of-age saga about a daughter’s wildest dream come true, and her mother’s worst nightmare.

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