FREE: Death on the Water by Marianne Jones

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11/01/2022 – 11/05/2022

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Best friends and amateur sleuths Margaret Bain and Louise Gagnon are at a weekend party at a luxury summer home when their host, Louise's Uncle Victor, is discovered dead, apparently drowned, next to his sailboat. The police are called and tensions run high among the guests. There is little love lost among the Gagnon clan, who all hoped to inherit Victor's fortune. Louise wonders how Victor, an expert sailor and swimmer, could have drowned on a calm day.Her suspicions grow when she spots someone on Victor's boat late at night. The mysterious intruder escapes before she can ask questions. Then Louise discovers some startling family secrets hidden in Victor's bedroom.
Margaret is anxious to return to town to prepare for her first art showing and to reconnect with friends Eina and Roger (and good looking Jim Paxton, retired O.P.P. officer.) Eina and Roger have a fresh worry on their minds.
At Victor's funeral new revelations about the Gagnon family keep Louise determined to find answers. But will her curiosity lead her in too deep?

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