FREE: Death of the Grinderfish by Douglas R. Brown

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05/10/2023 – 05/10/2023

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The air is lethal in Altenbyrne.
There is no escaping the poisonous fog within the kingdom’s walls. The river is infested with deadly grinderfish, and creatures beyond the walls prey on those who venture out. Without a lifemask, no one can survive. While the wealthy get all the lifemasks they need, people like Tristin and his sister, Makenna, only get one.
After Tristin’s disastrous attempt to steal a new mask for their dying mother, he and Makenna are forced to flee or face the king’s Angel of Justice. They cross the treacherous river to where a ragtag group of outlaws live. Though they’ll be safe there, Tristin dreams of a better life for all of them, and he’s going to steal more masks from the rich to get it.
But stealing lifemasks is punishable by death, and Tristin can’t hide forever.
The Angel is coming …

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