FREE: Caden Got a UFO by Ben Revermann

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06/07/2022 – 06/11/2022

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Caden's mom and sister died at the end of July and his best friend got sent off to baseball camp. Then his dad decides work is too important, or maybe he's just too sad to face him. Either way when a very unique inheritance shows up, he makes a choice that will affect him for the rest of his life. Have you ever wondered what's in those UFOs buzzing around up there? What about frogs, how do you feel about them? And J├Ągermeister, the alcohol I mean, how do you feel about J├Ągermeister? Or hooking up in college? Or S-4, how about S-4, not Area 51? How about prisoner planets? Not one where you send people to be in prison, I mean whole civilizations that had to be imprisoned? How do you feel about those?
You know what? Maybe you just need to check it out.

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