Four Minutes of Darkness

By Kady Hinojosa

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Can a twenty year old cold case be solved in four minutes of darkness?

Grace Strong was ten-years-old and living in Houston with her mom and grandma when she witnessed their shocking murder. Even though the bodies were taken, the case was classified as a robbery resulting in homicide. Their bodies were never found, nor was the killer.

Twenty years later, Grace moves back to the small town of Boerne, Texas, with her fourteen-year-old daughter, determined to find the answers. She believes she’ll find them where it all began, in the Texas Hill Country.

As Grace delves deeper into her past, with the help of local detective Ethan Marshall and her mom’s journal, somebody takes notice and will do anything to keep the truth from coming out. Will opening this door to her past give her the answers she seeks, or kill her?

Some doors should never be opened…

Author Kady Hinojosa

I was born and raised in California, attending college at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. Throughout school, I always loved creative writing, however, I took a logic track in college and studied Computer Science. I joined the Navy a few years out of college and met my husband, Jose (an Army Aviator), in Washington DC while on active duty there. The bulk of my career, post-Navy, was spent working as a Business Analyst/Quality Assurance expert for financial, and other, websites.
I love to travel and my husband and I have spent many years exploring various places. We recently moved to Myrtle Beach, SC, and we're enjoying life in this beautiful state.

I returned to my love of writing after I retired and wove my IT experience into my first series called The Mali Hooper Thriller trilogy.

I enjoy exploring topics that concern me and writing about them in a way that captures the readers' attention in an entertaining manner.

I have written 4 books, The Mali Hooper Thriller trilogy (#HuntedLives, #JusticePrevails, #DanceFever) plus the first book in a new mystery series which has just published (3/31/24).

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