Fighting Back (Hell’s Minions MC)

By Shay Michaelson

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What do you do when the past you've been desperately running from finally catches up to you? Do you walk away from the life you’ve built and the woman you love, or do you fight?

Gray Landry was born and raised in the Hell’s Minions Motorcycle Club. Living under his father, Mayhem's brutal thumb, his dream was to someday get away. When the chance to leave for ten years comes along, he jumps at it. The only problem with leaving the club is he will be leaving his younger brothers behind too.

Fast forward ten years…
Gray's life is everything he could have hoped for. He has his own successful guns and ammo business. He's married to a beautiful woman named Kendal. She's loving, intelligent, strong, independent and one kick-ass mechanic. And lately, she's been talking about babies.

Then, one day the phone calls start coming. Mayhem is demanding Gray come back. His time is up. It's time to return to Hell. To Mayhem. But how does he walk away from the one thing that makes life worth living?

Not surprisingly, Mayhem forces his hand-come home or Kendal will suffer. Left with no other choice, Gray walks away, leaving his wife stunned and heartbroken.

As Gray's new life moves forward, he sees the toll his decisions are taking on his wife and his heart bleeds. He knows if he ever wants to keep her safe and win her back, he'll have to team up with his brothers and take down Mayhem once and for all. It won't be easy with his father wreaking havoc, but they were going to end it or die trying.

Author Shay Michaelson

A nurse by day and an erotic romance writer by night, I find time where I can to put the stories constantly spinning in my head on paper.

For as long as I can remember, I have loved to read books and romance has always been my favorite. The dynamic between two people has always fascinated me. Who are these people? How did they meet? What is it that made them decide this is the one for me? I love creating these characters and shaping their worlds and I love seeing where they end up.

On a more personal note, I am happily married and have two grown children. We have an Australian shepherd named Max and two cats, Milo and Mia that are not afraid to let you know when it’s time to eat.

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