Face Of Our Father

By G. Egore Pitir

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Winner 2015 Best Indie Book Award—BRAG Medallion Honoree. FACE OF OUR FATHER is too literary to be a thriller, yet too thrilling to put down—a unique blend of action and intimacy—a thriller with a soul. Stuart and Angela Pierce, like many empty nesters, are busy reinventing their lives. Stu reduces his airline flying schedule to train for triathlons, while Angie, a vocal women’s advocate, escapes the daily horrors of a prosecutor’s job to pursue pro bono work. But death threats soon prove that the only thing Angie escaped was the protective arm of the District Attorney’s office. With horrific photos of a ritual stoning Stu’s only tangible clues, he sets out to protect a wife who refuses to protect herself. Obsessed with catching a murdering rapist, Angie plunges them both into a quagmire of global intrigue. But who, indeed what, is the real enemy? Honor. Love. Life. All are at stake as the Pierces struggle to uncover the truth, both the enemy’s, and their own. Sometimes the biggest enemy can be the one right next to you…. One part “The Bourne Identity,” one part “Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy,” and one part “The Notebook,” this poignant tale leaves the reader haunted by its characters long after the novel’s final page has turned. How often does fiction change who we are? How we define courage, integrity, prejudice, and evil? To get at all that, a novel needs a rollercoaster of a plot coupled with an acute understanding of identity, love, and where these intersect. Challenge your beliefs. Read it.

Author G. Egore Pitir

G. Egore Pitir grew up near the shores of Lake Michigan, reading too much, writing too little, and ignoring arithmetic altogether. Naturally, he obtained an engineering degree, flew as a fighter pilot, and then got an airline job. Having successfully faced the math demon in college, he decided to conquer the last item on the list, writing. After acquiring a creative writing professor as a mentor, six short years later, he published FACE OF OUR FATHER, a novel exploring how today’s clash of cultures reaches into our lives, our marriages, even our beds. Since publication, FACE OF OUR FATHER has enjoyed dozens of rave reviews, won the 2015 Best Indie Book Contest in the Action Adventure category, and received the B.R.A.G. Medallion. The sequel, FACE OF OUR MOTHER, is slated for publication in December of 2016.

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