The Export Gardener

By Richard Harrison

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“The cleaner’s critique was reasonably kind, before the roofer chimed in. ‘Richard’s a really nice bloke,’ he told the class. ‘In fact he’s too nice.’
Greg wrote the words ‘Too Nice’ next to my name on the white board.
Oh the shame.”

Tasked with bringing an iconic Australian gardening franchise to the United Kingdom, Richard Harrison arrives in the medieval market town of Sevenoaks in Kent not knowing a weed from a wisteria.

His subsequent adventures are a rollercoaster of laughs and tears, from cutting down the wrong tree and solving a seemingly impossible watering puzzle to the bombshell that ended it all.

Author Richard Harrison

Richard Harrison was born in Melbourne, Australia and currently lives in Hastings on the Mornington Peninsula.

He lived for ten years in the UK where he launched and developed the iconic Australian garden maintenance franchise ‘Jim’s Mowing,’ operating a franchise in Sevenoaks, Kent, where his clumsy gardening endeavours and general misadventures became the subject of ‘The Export Gardener.’

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