Evolving Understanding: An Ordinary Feminist’s Reflections on the Teachings of Christ

By Sandra Lund Greenberg

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Written in the casual tone of a friendly chat, the author discusses how the teachings of Jesus Christ support an egalitarian view. Exploring diverse subjects from the nature of God to adultery, and even the author’s unique views on Jesus’ marital status. You’re invited to sit down, have a cup of tea, and join the conversation.

Author Sandra Lund Greenberg

Sandra Greenberg is a freelance writer and singer/songwriter from eastern Missouri where she lives in a chaotic household of cats, a dog and her youngest child, who’s 5. A progressive Christian and a feminist who likes friendly discussions of philosophy and theology, she sporadically writes the blog An Ordinary Feminist, writes fiction under the name Cat Greenberg, appearing in various fantasy publications, the anthology Escaping Prophesy and Other Stories, and has a children’s book, What Would A Hero Do?, due out midsummer. Musically she’s produced 3 albums, Romancing the Filk, a duet album with her late husband, Bari, and Accidental Filk Band, with their band The Unusual Suspects, plus her first solo album, Cat Greenberg: Alone, With Friends which is currently in the post-production stage.

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