Essential Life Skills For Teens

By David Skiddy

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Beyond Classwork – How to prepare for a successful adult life to achieve your dreams and live life how you want to
How prepared are you to leave the nest and start living on your own – away from your parents’ shadows?
Are you about to be of age but feel inadequate to move out and run a household on your own?
Would you like to understand the 8th wonder of the world – adulthood and everything in between?
Adulthood comes with its share of joys and challenges, and age doesn’t always mean that you are ready to live independently.
Known as the advent of adulthood, teenage years mark a period where you need to make crucial decisions that will set the pace for your future.
It’s the best time to gather all the bricks and building materials you need to transition into adulthood.
Life skills form the foundation of the future you’ve always dreamed of and admired.
While learning and developing these skills is a continuous process that never ends, the bulk of it occurs during your teen years.
This guide is designed to help equip teenagers with the tools they need to maximize their potential and enjoy a fulfilling life.
In Essential Life Skills For Teens, you’ll discover:
● Life hacks to help you think more critically and reason your way out of difficult situations
● How to become financially savvy by learning how to manage, budget, save, and spend money wisely
● Goal-setting strategies that ensure you set practical goals and steps to achieve them
● The bittersweet side of social media – how to leverage technology for your own good, stay safe, and avoid losing yourself in the likes and dislikes
● How to solve problems like a pro and avoid getting stuck on a challenge for longer than you should
● Executive functioning skills you need to make every minute of your day count towards your life’s dreams
● 20+ innovative ways to make money as a teen using readily available resources no matter where you live
And so much more!
There are many essential survival skills you need for successful adulting that aren’t included in the syllabus at school – yet you’ll find them right inside.
As you get older and take on more responsibilities, you’ll be equipped to do many of the adult tasks your parents seem to breeze through daily.
Filled with practical insights, easy-to-follow tips, and thoughtful guidance, this handbook will empower you to make good choices – both now and in the future.

Author David Skiddy

His work aims to inspire teenagers to think about the future, safe in the knowledge that there’s nothing wrong with changing dreams and adjusting plans. His mission is to provide adolescents with the tools they need in order to consider their aims for the future, while embracing changes in their understanding of the world and adjusting their plans accordingly.

David has become increasingly aware of the absence of essential-skills teaching in schools and colleges. It was when he realized that his own life may have taken a different path if he’d had some essential life skills at a young age that he became driven to help the next generation avoid making the same mistakes he has. He is acutely aware that the focus on academic achievement takes away from the teaching of essential life skills like time management, problem solving, goal setting, and creativity: skills he knows that many parents struggle to teach their children.

David’s life has taken him through several distinct careers, beginning with performance and ending in logistics. Along the way, he passed through teaching, where he gained a clearer idea of the gaps in the education system. Having tuned into his own trajectory, he has realized that his career choices were less decisions and more impulses, shaped by societal expectations. He remembers his teenage dreams and understands the problem: they were dreams, and he knew nothing about how to plan to make them a reality.

David currently works in logistics and haulage and is passionate about making a difference in the lives of the next generation. He has a master’s degree in classical singing and performance and, despite his career change, still infuses his life with a love of music.

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