Down on the Beach: Sun, Sand, & Secrets

By Eden Waverly

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Following a less than stellar assignment that ended with his suspension, DEA agent Quinn Holt needs to redeem himself to his superiors. So when they call him up to investigate drug smuggling in his hometown, Quinn doesn't hesitate. As Quinn digs deeper, he encounters Becky Down, the new owner of Down on the Beach. He's suspicious of her arrival in Port Harbor, but that doesn't stop his fierce attraction to her. Sexy redheads are his weakness, but will she interfere with his assignment, or is she the assignment?

Becky Down is finally living her dream of opening a beach bar. Everyone thinks she's crazy for leaving a secure job and established life to move to the beach. But Becky knows this is where she was meant to be, especially after her husband's death two years ago. Focused on renovating and opening her beach bar, Becky does not see Quinn Holt coming. Quinn Holt, the hot contractor helping to remodel her bar, is helping her settle in to Port Harbor.

He's keeping secrets from her, but not as many as she's keeping from him.

Warning: this story contains a hero with a moral compass and a heroine deserving of being swept off her feet!

This is Book 1 of the new Down South Series by Eden Waverly. Each book can be read as a standalone novel or novella.

Author Eden Waverly

Eden Waverly is committed to writing fast-paced, action-packed romances for the busy reader. While her heroines are a match for their heroes any day of the week, they still deserve to be swept off their feet.

A former busy professional herself, Eden focuses on creating escapes that satisfy the adventurous soul. Her stories ask the age-old question of "what if…?" you had chosen differently in this life. What would your alternate reality be?
She lives in Texas, where she spends time reading history, raising her family, and enjoying her rose garden.

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