Dead and Breakfast

By Colleen Mooney

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The Good Irish Catholic school girl that she is, Brandy Alexander’s a true and trusted friend – not to mention something of a detective – so who else would you call if you found a full-blown murder mystery in your bedroom? You may find a kindred spirit in this New Orleans dawlin.’

Author Colleen Mooney

I was bitten by the travel bug as early as grade school when we would go on Brownie Scout field trips to the Gulf Coast or my grandparents would take my sister and I on their trips to Six Flags and Florida. My mother would say to me, 'you were born with a suitcase in your hand.'

My love of travel and adventure drove me to own and ride motorcycles, race sailboats in long distance competition across the Gulf of Mexico, and crew on super-yachts racing in Key West. My dad loved anything on the water and I followed him scuba diving from Florida's panhandle to the Maldives. To relive and write about these adventures, people I meet and my crazy hometown of New Orleans is what makes me tick.

In rescue I discovered the human spirit really comes out when an animal is in need. Since the age of two I was an ardent animal lover. My love of dogs, especially Schnauzers has been channeled to a rescue organization I volunteer for and now manage. For over fourteen years I have been the Director of Schnauzer Rescue of Louisiana. I am proud to say that with the help of devoted volunteers, we have rescued, and placed over 350 abandoned or surrendered Schnauzers. Some of those happy tails wind up in my stories.

A native New Orleanian, I was surprised at how different our traditions, customs, and cultures are when I work worked for a global telecom company and was transferred to many other big cities. Our unique qualities inspired me to write the first book, 'Rescued By A Kiss.' (2014).

I love to hear from readers and anyone just planning a visit to New Orleans. Contact me. I'm happy to recommend my favorite places to eat or have a drink!

You can take me out of New Orleans, but you can't take the New Orleans out of me.

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