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This book is dedicated to all of our fellow inventors and entrepreneurs out there with the heart to go for it. This book is also about giving inventors and entrepreneurs the true information and resources they need to help them. The information contained in this book will truly help people succeed with their dreams and aspirations at most any creative level they are at. As fellow inventors, we have been to many seminars and groups for inventors and have read many types of books for inventors over the years. No matter how many books we have read for inventors, we still felt like something was missing from many of them. The biggest thing we found missing in a lot of these books is what we call “TRUE INFORMATION.” This is the real information people need to get started or to take it to the next level. This was the main inspiration for writing this book and to help people, as well as inspire people to go for it! This book is also a guide, or as we call it, the “Inventor’s Notebook.” No matter if you’re a novice or expert inventor, this book can help you achieve your goals. Remember, as an inventor or entrepreneur you will encounter many bumpy roads, so just think of this book as a road map that makes the journey much easier.

Author T.Sommerville

Damn, I should have thought of that! Isn’t that something many would be inventors have said to
themselves when they see their idea has already been made into a successful product. Plenty of people
have some fantastic ideas and never even try to see them to fruition, but this book can change all of that
and make their dreams come true.
Well, Teronn Sommerville’s new book, “Damn, I Should Have Thought of That!” will help them to
learn how to prevent that frustration and get their inventions out on the market. It is a roadmap for all
inventors and a blueprint for how they should go about getting in on the inventing process from
conception to production. It is a true guide and blueprint to the world of inventing and spells out the
process in an easy to follow format.
Sommerville is a United States Navy veteran who served in Iraq. He is a true entrepreneur and started
his inventing career while he was still in the military. He founded Solarville Communications, LLC in
2009. The company makes and sells solar electronic products that range from cell phone and other
chargers to flashlights and other lights and more. He wrote “Damn, I Should Have Thought of That!” to
help his fellow inventors succeed and thrive just as he has been able to do since starting his inventing
Some of the highlights in “Damn, I Should Have Thought of That!” include a list of free resources for
inventors, as well as detailed information on how to get your product or idea to market, information on
patents, trademarks and copywrite; how to license your product, how to develop your pitch and make
money off your invention, and how to watch out for the scammers who will cheat would be inventors.
Sommerville calls his new book the Inventor’s Notebook because it is a source of true information on
the inventing process of getting your idea or product on the market and a step by step guide on doing it
in a way that will earn the inventor money. If you are a budding inventor, you won’t want to miss out
on his words of wisdom and experience.
Are you a would-be inventor? Do you have an idea or product you think would benefit the world? Then
you won’t want to miss reading “Damn, I Should Have Thought of That!” right away! Don’t miss out
on this great source of information for today’s inventors, which is on sale now.

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