Codename: Bear Secret Agent

By Geoffrey C Porter

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Razdorans want to claim Earth as their property, and under interstellar law, they can, if our governments fall into anarchy. They use a man named Centurian to fuel drug trades, assassinations, and human trafficking all across Earth. If they can claim us as a territory, youths will be shipped to factory planets, and mineral resources will be strip mined layer by layer.

Chor'Tan are friendly to mankind. They are close to us genetically. Their race is limited by the males of the species. A male Chor'Tan is no more intelligent than an Earth crocodile or alligator, and they want to cross breed with humanity to create a species with smart males.

An anti-crime agency is set up to fight Centurian's forces, and they recruit a young man they Codename: Bear. He works with a team of other agents, going on missions trying to put an end to Centurian's reign of terror.

Author Geoffrey C Porter

Geoffrey started writing computer programs with the intent of building games at a young age. And yes, building your own games is like top the heap nerddom. Or potentially geekdom.

He ran into big problems though when doctors started calling him Schizophrenic. It was all a lie of course, it wasn’t true, but he takes anti-schizophrenics every day since forever. And things fall apart quickly if he doesn’t take them. Bad things happen.

Geoff spends way too much time on Facebook. He’s fighting Diabetes with Exercise, and maybe his diet isn’t that bad.

He started experimenting with writing, and it seems to have become a full blown addiction.

His favorite pov is genderless first person, but that only works in short stories, and he’s aware for some things third person is really proper. We’re not going to discuss second person or present tense.

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