Centaur Sol

By Morgan Landsbury

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An ancient evil made its way into the capital of the human Galactic Empire and is threatening to destroy the entire race. The one weapon that humans had to save themselves was thought to have been destroyed in an attack less than a week beforehand.

When Senator Haj finds that one weapon still exists, he sends Tamil out to hunt the tiny child down. There’s something about the girl that Tamil simply doesn’t understand, and as he watches her accelerated growth, he realizes that he would rather watch the entire species go extinct than sacrifice her.

Who is this mysterious child and why does Tamil care so much about her? Will the human race go extinct?

Author Morgan Landsbury

Morgan grew up in Alberta, Canada and fell in love with science fiction at an early age. The original Star Trek series was to become the foundation of a lifelong passion, but all the very best science fictions books added to that passion.
Though rather silly by today’s standards, Morgan was hooked. Acquiring a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Anthropology occupied Morgan’s academic mind, but the creative side needed release. The study of strange people in foreign places laid a great foundation for vivid writing in far away places with characters that have a psychological depth that brings these stories to life.

Morgan now lives in Tennessee with two cats and a dog (who thinks he is a cat), but dreams of residing on an hobby farm, writing full time and the enjoying the bucolic life.

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