Canticles Mythos Series Anthology II: The First Fallen

By Matthew RR Morrese

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In The First Fallen, the Canticles Mythos Series continues to delve into the myths and legends of the Realms of Aegis, brought to life through literature and illustration. In this second Anthology, continue the adventures of a lifetime with old friends and new faces in twelve more tales of thrill and intrigue. Within these pages, love will be tested, a war will begin, and an age may end, and all while the fires of Wrath and Valor reign over a world unraveling! This is the New Face of High-Fantasy.

Author Matthew RR Morrese

Matthew R.R. Morrese is a lifelong student of writing, whether it be poetry, short prose, long prose, epics, or screenplays. Mastering fantasy, classic to modern, he draws inspiration from William Morris, George MacDonald, H.R. Haggard, Lord Dunsany, J.R.R. Tolkien, and George R.R. Martin. Matthew designs and discovers new worlds through ours and theirs, tracking fantasy back to its origins to adapt and create unique and relatable characters, plot, and setting for children and adults alike. Beyond this, he’s a lover of all creative avenues, including the arts, musical theatre, singing and songwriting, archaeology, and astronomy.

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