Bound For Barcelona – Breaking Free, The Journey

By Marcella Steele

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What is it about complicated men that makes them so irresistible?
Elena Vidal’s life couldn’t be more complicated. That is, until fate throws Ethan Pierce in her path. He’s much younger but more sophisticated, more powerful than any man she’s known. From the moment she sees his gorgeous face, his smoldering eyes, his chiseled body—she knows he will be her undoing.
Divorced and alone, Elena muddles her way through dating disappointments, searching for the thing she wants most—a new chance at life and love.
When Ethan comes into her life and turns it upside down, she dares to dream. He shows her a life filled with possibilities, daring passion, and erotic fantasies. Their romance brings her the love she craves, but Elena wonders if it’s worth the risk to her heart.
A cross genre page-turner: Psychological, Adventure, Erotic Romance, BDSM

Author Marcella Steele

I am a new author, beginning a career in the second phase of life, and the book Bound for Barcelona is my debut novel. My previous profession was as a licensed psychotherapist, which contributes to my desire to write about transitions in life, relationships, and the issues women face. My passion is travel, and I’ve been known to work from a balcony overlooking all of Paris, or within the monkey forest in Bali, or in my favorite antique cafe in Barcelona. I am currently writing book two of the series.

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