Blood Related

By William Cook

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Blood Related – a Psychological Horror/Thriller novel

For over two decades, Detective Ray Truman has been searching for the killer or killers who have terrorized Portvale. Headless corpses, their bodies mutilated and posed, have been turning up all over the industrial district near the docks. The remains of young female prostitutes have been the killer’s victims of choice, but now other districts are reporting the gruesome discovery of decapitated bodies. It seems the killer has expanded his territory as more ‘nice girls’ feel the wrath of his terrible rage. This horrifically disturbing tale of a family tree of evil will embed itself in the mind of the reader, long after the last page has been turned. A crime thriller in the vein of other power-packed thrillers like Jim Thompson's 'The Killer Inside Me' and James Ellroy's 'Killer on the Road.'

Author William Cook


William Cook was born and raised in New Zealand and is the author of the popular psychological thriller, 'Blood Related,' two non-fiction books: 'Gaze Into The Abyss: The Poetry of Jim Morrison' and 'Secrets of Best-Selling Self-Published Authors,' and the editor of the best-selling collection 'Fresh Fear: An Anthology of Macabre Horror.' William has also written many short stories that have been published in anthologies and has authored two short-fiction collections, ‘Dreams of Thanatos’ and ‘Death Quartet’ along with two collections of poetry ‘Journey: the search for something’ and ‘Corpus Delicti’.

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