Before the Unit: The Recruiting of Kevin Banks

By Anne Fox

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The prequel to The Unit series, Before the Unit: The Recruiting of Kevin Banks is the backstory of how the unit operative code-named “Spud” found himself first in the Secret Service’s Presidential Protective Detail and then found himself joining the law enforcement team known only as “the unit”. As he tells his story to his wife, “Hank”—the woman who is the team’s sniper—you get to ride along with him in The Beast with the president he most admired.

You also find out how just how he got that funny code name, “Spud.”

Author Anne Fox

Anne Fox lives in El Paso along with six chickens, a pond full of goldfish, and two Maine Coon cats. She enjoys many hobbies, including crafts, gardening, and rockhounding. When not writing, she practices her marksmanship skills and draws upon that for her crime/suspense series, The Unit. Also the holder of a Commercial pilot's license, she once ran her own flight school and trained many people to fly, having over 6,000 flight hours recorded in her pilot logbooks.

Anne began writing in 2019 with her debut book, Gabriel's Call—a stand-alone novel about a woman believed to be schizophrenic and her doctor. It's the only stand-alone and the only metaphysical book she has penned. She then segued into the crime/suspense genre, with now 21 books to The Unit series and number 22, the last of the series, being written. She will continue the unit's story with the series that will be sequel to The Unit: The Unit: Gen 2, which will take place 25 years into the future as the children of The Unit's two main characters enter the unit. She is also considering another series, tentatively titled The Investigators, that will highlight the analysis of a crime scene from the gathering of evidence to the forensic analysis, and end with the solving of the case.

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