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The Very Best of Bare Back Magazine by Natasha Brooks – Lovely Books


The Very Best of Bare Back Magazine

By Natasha Brooks

Kindle Price: $5.50
Paperback Price: $14.50

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With lots of love and dedication, Bare Back Magazine delivers to you the very best erotic fiction and poetry for your sensual pleasure and erotic reading delight. These stories and poems explore it all, taking you to exotic places from the southern comforts of New Orleans to the bright lights and high towers of New York City and all places in between. You’ll meet some very naughty housewives, experience deliciously intense group encounters and explore love on the internet. Among the stories in this collection, there will also be an unforgettable masquerade for your reading pleasure. We’ll add a dabble of flavor, as we tempt your taste buds in very steamy erotic encounters. These scorching hot short stories will stimulate a variety of intense moods for you, the reader.

The Very Best of Bare Back Magazine features new stories and poems from both up-and-coming and popular writers like Peter Baltensperger, David Hornbuckle, Gianni Shamari, M. Earl Smith, Lane Pierce, Tonia Mansfield, Natasha Brooks, Jerrell Khalil Smith, Jillian Kander, Javier Rokusaburo, Jake Kaida, Bob McNeil, Robyn Alezanders and many more; this joyful celebration of erotic stories and poetry is deliciously sexy, sophisticated, and insanely addicting, it’s like watching a really good naughty movie on it just leaves you wanting more.

Author Natasha Brooks

Natasha Brooks is the Founder/Editor-in-Chief of Bare Back Magazine. She is the editor of the erotic fairy tales anthology Fairy Tales Can Come True and the creator of the Relationships and Other Stuff series. She is also a blogger, content writer, ghost writer and editor

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