Authors Helping Authors

Last night, I was talking with a friend who knew an author who managed to land a TV interview. I was so impressed, so jealous, until he revealed to me an ugly truth – the interview had resulted in 100 sales of this authors’ book. I jokingly replied, I could sell 100 books a lot easier than what it takes to get a TV interview! This person, whom I have to graciously thank for this, replied, “You can? You can sell 100 books?”

Well, sure, I have 5,000 bookish Facebook friends that all know the value of a sale. I am sure most of them would buy an ebook just to help another author out.

And so an incredible idea was born. Create a community of authors helping other authors get the boost that they so deserve.

Amazon and self-publishing has pretty much ruined the book world. Social media marketing can barely guarantee a single sale, even when you dump tons of money into promotions. Every author knows the struggle, even those that have found success, know that for most of us, no matter the effort, it is almost impossible to get the ball rolling and start selling books.

I am looking to start a community of authors who will purchase 2-3 books a month just to help an author out. The books would be chosen at random, whether from Lovely Books or not, and would be sent out via email to all the members of the community who would then go purchase the ebook. And that is it. You might spend a dollar or three and change an indie authors life. Your book could end up being sent out and you could get the boost that you deserve.

It is a simple concept that could really change a lot of authors lives. You never know, a small boost could become a snowball and you could end up having a hand in another authors’ success. And they could, in turn, have a hand in yours.

The author world has become so divided. Let’s all come together and make a serious difference.

Join the community by sending an email to [email protected]

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