Animo Nephilims’ Savior Book 3

By PC Benson

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The battle is not over. Now Gabrielle must face her foe.
However, Abaddon has powers that no one understands. So, she must seek allies and master the energy coursing through her before she can defeat the evil that took everything from her.

Gabrielle let go of her humanity to cope with the crippling pain and guilt at having to take her sister’s life. Now, she is determined to defeat Abaddon and his Fallen soldiers — regardless of the price.

With the ultimate battle looming, Gabrielle needs to find her humanity or risk losing her mate forever.

Animo is the last installment in the Nephilims’ Savior Series. Find out if Gabrielle and Alec defeat the Fallen and find their happily ever after.

Warning: Adult scenes included

Trigger warning: contains violence, foul language, and explicit consensual adult scenes.

Author PC Benson

P.C. Benson lives in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Although a Californian at heart, she is currently living in the suburbs of Denver with her husband, her son, a cat, and a dog. Her daughter is about an hour away in college.

She is an avid reader like you! She hopes you enjoy her stories as much as she does since they keep her company in-between her next favorite series.

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