Always His Angel by LW Michelle


Always His Angel

By LW Michelle

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Alexis “Lexi” Hunter loved Josh Spencer more than anything, but she knew they both had goals to work toward. She was about to embark on a traveling nurse’s position to Seattle, Washington with her best friend, Alice Sutton. Josh Spencer was about to enter into the US Navy.

As a couple, there were no agreements between Lexi and Josh once they parted ways. Josh, desperate to keep Lexi in his life, meets Lexi at the airport to see her off. He kneels to one knee to propose right before Lexi walks through the gate. A shocked Lexi kisses him goodbye telling him,

“You are my Always Infinity”

Lexi leaves Virginia in tears, not knowing who awaits her in Seattle, Washington-Bradley Calhoun, owner of Calhoun Enterprises. Bradley has her totally mesmerized from the moment they meet.

Can she resist the irresistible Bradley Calhoun? Will she remain Josh’s always infinity? Or will she become Always His Angel?

Author LW Michelle

LW Michelle grew up in a small town called Mathews, VA. She is married, has two children and many pets. She enjoys volunteering as often as she can. Always having had a passion for helping others, she pursued her education later in life as an LPN. She study at Keiser University for her Associates in Science for Registered Nursing; however, due to a quick change in her husband’s orders, she was unable to complete her degree and decided to place it on hold-indefinitely. She always had a passion for writing poetry and stories forever in her head but kept it a secret from others. She decided to go after her dream and enroll in a diploma program in Freelance Writing Fall of 2013 and began writing her debut novel Always His Angel.

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