A Spoonful of Sugar by Joy Skye


A Spoonful of Sugar

By Joy Skye

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TV’s Queen of Mean meets every housewife’s dream.

The ongoing Twitter feud between top chefs Eliza Spoon and Lorenzo D’amore makes them an ideal combination for a new TV show. She was the Nations darling before her acrimonious divorce and the unfortunate ensuing revelations. He is 60, he’s sexy and he bakes. What more could a woman want?

The producers are rubbing their hands together, as sparks begin to fly and the show has far-reaching effects on both of the celebrities' lives.

Hold on to your spatulas, things are about to get messy!

Author Joy Skye

Joy lives on the seductive island of Corfu with her four dogs and an embarrassing number of cats.

Her many years working in the tourist industry on this sunny island and her love of all things literary inspired her first romantic comedy, Corfu Capers and she has been writing ever since.

She loves to cook, dance and drink wine, usually at the same time, and is currently working on her next book, due to be released later this year.

She also loves to travel, absolutely anywhere, and is looking forward to jumping on a plane!

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