By Sean Michael Paquet

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Imagine a world where aliens are real, Vikings still roam on another planet, and Earth is on the brink of doom. For nearly six hundred years, the ancestors of Jon Raynecksson have lived in such a world. Upon assumption of his Title as Warden of the Lands, Jon is thrust into an adventure of epic proportions. The quiet life he had known as a boy is torn from him as he becomes a playing piece in a game of cosmic proportions, a Game of Gods.

From the time he was a young boy Jon Raynecksson knew he was different. A boy who could speak to spirits and animals was not something normal, even for the world in which he lived. All of his life, he was trained to harness gifts that he never asked for and often did not want. Now he travels far from home on a quest that began as the simple escort of a Sabretooth to a faraway land. Once he started that journey, it became far more complex. Now Jon is the agent of the mysterious Lady of the Lands. As he journeys farther into the unknown Northlands, he uncovers a deadly menace that could change the course of human events forever.

Author Sean Michael Paquet

Sean Paquet is an author, investigative journalist, and freelance writer who lives and works as an American Expatriate in the Philippines. He retired from active duty military service in 2013 after 24 years. He then was a private defense contractor in the Middle East until 2018. Sean is from a small town called Carp Lake in the Northern part of the Lower Peninsula of Michigan. He grew up loving to read, write poetry, and had enough promise as an artist to consider it full-time until he decided to join the military. Sean has always had an interest in the weird, unusual, and strange things that exist on the fringes of our reality. His interest in heathenism, metaphysics, meditation and out of body experiences led him to publish his first novel titled A Game of Gods in June, 2020. His second novel, titled The Jarl's Shadow released in January 2022, and explores metaphysical concepts along with personality disorders while maintaining a science fiction/fantasy related backstory of unimaginable alien forces, lost civilizations, and conspiracy theories.

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