20 Erotic Dreams

By Marcus Darkley

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20 top erotica stories from BDSM Master Marcus Darkley
Over 97,000 horny words – all pre-published shorts in their own right, they’re like a series of naughtly flicks from spread out over lots of pages.
Has Master Marcus finally lost the plot! This is a great opportunity to get 20 of his best selling stories at a fraction of the normal price. Dark, horny erotica, with lots of painful orgasms, pretty girls in delicious distress and forbidden sex! If you enjoy the viewing of sites like you’ll love the writing of these books, being able to envision your own sexual scenarios is so much sexier than watching an enacted one.

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Author Marcus Darkley

Marcus is a life-long Dom who has decided to use some of the amazing experiences he has had with his incredible submissives as fodder for hot erotica. The stories are fiction but they are strongly based in fact. If you are D or s you’ll enjoy them. If you are curious, they will give you a window on to a different world and perhaps the desire to give it a try. If nothing else, they are going to leave you hot and bothered and you’ll most likely be heading over to to find the advice on the best homemade vibrator!

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