Unfailing Love

By Carol Shelton Moye

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I LOVE the biblical Psalms! The poetry, music, and reminders of God’s love, have comforted and been an inspiration for me through this journey called life. This book is the second book in the “Psalms in the Key of my Life” series; a collection of reflections on the biblical Psalms. This project began as a journal. As I read through the book of Psalms, I found myself unable to relate to some of them. My goal was to personalize all 150 psalms. As I began to share my reflections with others, I was encouraged to publish them, in the hopes that others too would find them inspirational. The first book, “Psalms in the Key of my Life”, includes reflections for Psalms 1-50. This, the second volume, includes reflections for Psalms 51-100. Open your Bibles and follow me through the Psalms. Pull out a pen and paper and respond in your own way. You may be surprised at where you are led. Not sure if this is the book for you? Download a sample or read the preview of the paperback.

Author Carol Shelton Moye

Carol Shelton Moye is a retired public school teacher. Since retiring, she has found herself compelled to write. Her blog,”Compelled Writer” is a place where she records the things she is learning while taking seriously her call to share her writing with others. In addition to writing inspirational material, she also writes short fiction. Carol is also an amateur photographer who is most passionate about capturing the beauty of nature. Her photos can be viewed at Carol also is a contributing photographer and one of two who post images for the “Feel Like Going On” blog (a Post-Gazette Community blog). The purpose of this blog is to show the positive things that are happening in the black community in Pittsburgh.

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