Someday I’m Going To. . .

By Brad Rudisail

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Someday I’m going to . . . We all know that expression because we’ve all said it in some shape or form. Someday I’m going to quit this job I can’t stand. Someday I’m going to write a book. Someday I’m going to visit Europe. You know that day. You’ve dreamt and talked about it all these years. Your friends and family know all about that day because they’ve tirelessly heard you talk about it over and over again. It’s that day that you keep pushing back into the future. Here is the cold hard truth. Until you actually DO SOMETHING, Someday is never going to come. At some point, and maybe that point is now, no one is going to take your Someday seriously anymore, not even yourself. Nothing is going to magically make things happen for you. Only you can do it! That is what this book is about. It’s about Someday, and how to make it happen for you, instead of merely talking about it. Talking about something is easy, which is why so many people just talk about it. Doing something about it requires commitment and dedication to see it through. It sometimes requires tough decision to be made and uncomfortable steps to be taken. It requires that you constantly move forward to seeing it through. Talking about it is what old men do at the senior center as they regretfully admit the opportunities they failed to act on earlier in life. Stop talking, start doing, and get on with your life! It’s time to stop talking. It’s time to take charge of that dream and make it a reality. It’s time to live your dream. It’s time to live in Someday.

Author Brad Rudisail

Brad Rudisail is a writer, musician and IT Consultant. Brad was a syndicated writer for eleven years writing a bi-monthly column for newspapers throughout the state of Georgia. He is a hired blogger and writes educational curriculum for online universities. He is an accomplished pianist and composer and has won regional and national awards for his musical work and has released six instrumental CD’s throughout his career. He is also an IT consultant and serves a variety of clients across the globe as a network engineer and trainer.

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