The Angel’s Covenant

By Lynn Landes

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Paperback Price: $8.99

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How do you maintain your faith when everyone you love and everything you know is ripped away from you? Elina is only twelve when the dark angel attacks her village and slaughters her family. She carried his image in her heart waiting for the day when she will be able to avenge those she lost.
Forged in the fire of death and trained by the Archangels, Elina is given a task by Heaven. She must choose to follow her faith or avenge her family. Join her on her epic journey in book one of the Covenant Series.

Author Lynn Landes

Lynn Landes is the author and independent publisher of multiple fantasy books in all age brackets. Her stories span the spectrum of Romantic Fiction from paranormal, romantic suspense to Christian fantasy. If you like fantasy, fairytale, temptation, and adventure be sure to check Lynn’s blog for upcoming titles.

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