The Amaretto

By D.D. Corbitt

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Sandy Darnell is a cynical, smart-mouthed writer who has few friends and a lot of enemies. When one of her three closest friends is found dead on his trawler, the Amaretto, she believes he was murdered over a secret only they shared. Grief-stricken, Sandy tries to move on, but is hit with an even bigger shock. Other people she knows start dying under mysterious circumstances, only these people weren’t friends—they were tormenters. The writer in Sandy can’t allow unanswered questions.

Haunted by a strange and terrifying dream and determined to connect the deaths, Sandy takes a road trip, from Key West, Florida to Atlantic City, New Jersey, with her two remaining friends. The trip stirs up memories and people from Sandy’s past and forces her to share things she has kept hidden for years. What they discover astounds them all and reveals the mysterious secret that disappeared from the Amaretto.

Author D.D. Corbitt


D.D. Corbitt is a former award-winning journalist, journalism adviser and American history teacher from South Florida. Corbitt graduated from Miami-Dade College (AA), University of Miami (BSC) and Nova Southeastern University (MS) She spent eight years living and traveling aboard her sailboat the s.v. I & I based in Tavernier, Florida. A self-proclaimed “child of the swamp,” she spent her teens in the Everglades and the South Florida backwaters. An avid scuba diver, she is a former Instructor, Divemaster and holds certifications in underwater archaeology, habitat diving, wreck diving, among others. She assisted in mapping and cataloging the 1715 Spanish shipwreck the Populo in Biscayne National Park in the 1980s. Corbitt is a frequent traveler to The Bahamas and several Caribbean islands.

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