Some taste of Shadow Ballet- Betrayal

Some taste of Shadow Ballet- Betrayal

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Shadow Ballet- Betrayal


Izabell Key

"I'm trapped. They want my blood. They want my head.I feel a rat walking on my corpse. The blood on my skin… I can smell the soil. There is a song in my ears disturbing with insolence the silence of the forest. It is not your beautiful voice. I want to cover my ears… but I can not move."Jerry opens his eyes in a cell, accused of the murder of the most feared gangster in Atlantic City: His dad. On his way to jail, Jerry bursts out for vengeance, but whoever set him up placed a large bounty on his head. Head hunters, police and detectives on the payroll are after him. It is not very easy to survive the night. So, he does not. Jerry gets shot.A beautiful prostitute, Lin, finds Jerry and shelters him. However, she has no idea who Jerry is and what kind of trouble he brings. Jerry tears down the underground world, sacrificing his love and destroying the family which he longs for desperately, but very late he realizes: She was his family. She was his salvation. She was his hell.

–This book deserves 5 stars because it amazed me. The characters (especially Lin) were badass, human and well-developed. At first, I had some issues with the character of Jerry, there was something about his expressions and actions than make me think he was just a stereotype and nothing more, but as the story goes on, something happened (a great plot) and I end up loving the character and desiring to know much more about him.
The best part of the book has to be the dialogues. They are superfluid and realistic. The action is well written and easy to read. I recommend reading this book if you are looking for something funny, good action scenes and an old-fashion mafia story.

–Jeez… It is a captivating story, and I loved Lin and Jerry`s extraordinary connection. It gives me goosebumps even now. I never expected that mind-blowing end. I am very curious about the next book because I swear it deserves its name. The beginning of the end is the best name ever. That is exactly what it is. I have a feeling that everything just started. And besides, I am surprised because I never expected a new writer to write that good. Thank you for the Shadow Ballet.

–It is the best book I have ever read this year. Fantastico! I guess I am in love with Lin.

–What can I say… usually I hate thriller and crime genre, it's not my type and I use to get very bored in reading them, but this book…damn it… It was AWESOME. So many things and so many characters…so many personalities and such a psychological evolution of them that made me DIE. I couldn't stop reading and I had to finish it in order to allow me for a good sleep that ANYWAY was awful as I was dreaming and hoping for a sequel. The way that Lin and Jerry feel each other and communicate (no just 'verbally' but also physically) can make you understand what love can be and how important is to fight for it. I don't like the genre, but I sure don't regret that I read it. I honestly recommend it with all my heart as the plot, characters, action, and the twisted ending will surely make you love the world that just a SICK mind as hers could have created. LOVE THAT FREAKING BOOK, WAITING FOR A SEQUEL <3

–I love this book. Shadow Ballet- Betrayal took me on a fantastic journey, from beginning to end. I found myself completely immersed in the story, Jerry and Lin got in my head and I doubt they will leave anytime soon. Really a thrilling story with all the qualities to be an unforgettable book!

Izabell Key

Who am I? No problem, I`ll tell you, izzy pizzy!

I`m the key. Izabell Key. I`m a fiction novel writer and a screenwriter. The author of the Shadow Ballet book series; (1) Betrayal and (2)The Beginning of the End. Now, I can hear you saying, “Who the hell are you? I have never heard about those books.” Well, that is probably my fault…

I might… have just published them! Actually, one of them ?
So, I am very new at that, but no problem! We will publish more, izzy pizzy! And when I do, you will be the first to know. I promise. And one more thing. You can call me Izzy. Oh, now it clicked:)))

You don`t know me, but I might know you better than you think. I am not a witch, but only a writer. You are one of my characters I created. My stories are a mirror leading me in different points of your life. Maybe when you have been madly in love, maybe when you have failed and ended up crashing down. Maybe when you have got so blind for power enough not to realize you paid dearly for that and lost loved ones. Or maybe when you have been drowning in your loneliness. It might be even when you have fought with your suicidal thoughts that crept into the edge of your mind. Who knows, maybe when you have lost yourself in the sense of joy, finally fulfilling your dream.

Yes, I know you, and you have many dusty letters somewhere inside a wooden box. A locked wooden box. So I told you at the beginning, I`m the key.

A sense of happiness enfolds me for I write to you, my friends. I hope you will share the same feeling, reading my posts and my books.

I breathe to write, hopefully, you will breathe to read.


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