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NEW! Instagram Feature – $10

Our instagram account has the most engagement of all of our social media accounts. We will create a post with your book cover, link and description for just $10.

NEW! Instagram Featurette – $15

Alicia, the owner of Lovely Books, will do an Instagram story about your book. The story will be a video call to action followed by your book cover image. You don’t have to worry about it being punctual either as we’re planning to start instagram story scheduling which automatically updates our account for us, without us having to lift a finger.

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*We’ve temporarily suspended the Facebook Group Posting Service as every avenue we used to post has been caught by Facebook’s increasingly strict guidelines. This service will return soon as we work on a way to continue posting to groups without Facebook shutting us down.

We will promote your book for JUST $1.00 A DAY! REDUCED: $20.00 A MONTH

Daily Twitter Promotions

We will tweet about your book every single day for 30 days! At less than $1 a day, this promotion totals just $20. Fill out the form below to order this package!

Daily Facebook Promotions

We will share your Amazon link on our Facebook page every day for 30 days! Now less than $1 a day! To order this $20 promotion, fill out the form below.

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