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Have a free ebook promotion coming up? Want to share your book link? We will post it to multiple Facebook groups for you!

Share Your Book Link In Facebook Groups!

Want us to post your ebook’s direct Amazon link in multiple Facebook groups? We will now do it for you for one flat fee! Check it out!

If your book is going to be FREE, we will post it in 60+ free book groups. If your book isn’t going to be free, we will post it in 60+ book promotion groups. Please use the drop down menu to determine whether your book is going to be FREE OR NOT FREE on the day we post it.

Please give us at least 5 days to schedule your promotion.
In order to stay out of Facebook Jail, we can only schedule one promotion at a time. Free books are time-sensitive and take priority of non-free books. If your book is not free, your book will be posted in the order it was received. Also, due to Facebook’s strict rules about frequent posting, we are only able to post to up to 48 groups per day at this time. Please make sure to give the first date of your free ebook promotion.

$10.00 – Post to 60+ Facebook Groups

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We will promote your book for JUST $1.00 A DAY! REDUCED: $20.00 A MONTH

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We will tweet about your book every single day for 30 days! At less than $1 a day, this promotion totals just $20. Fill out the form below to order this package!

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We will share your Amazon link on our Facebook page every day for 30 days! Now less than $1 a day! To order this $20 promotion, fill out the form below.

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