Secrets in Blood

By Patricia D. Eddy

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A powerful vampire finds a young girl wandering alone in the woods. He will not harm her. The girl is a pure, kind soul, worthy of protection. But before he can see her to safety, the unsuspecting girl’s father shoots him with silver bullets, taking him prisoner.

Eighteen years later, the young girl, now grown, discovers her father’s depravity. The kind vampire who helped her was used to develop a weapon to kill all vampire kind. Will Evangeline be able to save Nicola from her father’s evil plan? Or will she be too late?

Author Patricia D. Eddy

Patricia D. Eddy never thought she’d actually publish novels until she finished NaNoWriMo two years ago. That novel was bad. There were plot holes you could drive a semi truck through. But though that novel is (and will forever remain) unpublished, finishing a project gave her the hunger for more. Since then, she’s published two full length paranormal romance novels and she has a half dozen other novels and novellas in development. She can’t stop! In her spare time, she’s training for an ultramarathon in Italy in 2014. She lives in Seattle with her husband and three very lazy cats.

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