Secondhand Sapphire

By Nicole Tillman

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Sapphire has come to grips with the fact that she’s a failure as a wife and an even bigger failure as a mother. Resigning herself to a life of simple detachment, she lives by one rule- No men.
That is, until she meets Collin. He is able to see past her inked skin, her pierced features, and her hardened heart. He is determined to worm his way into her life, even if she pushes him away at every turn.
But once her defenses are lowered, she remembers exactly why she erected them in the first place. She fears loss. She knows that the world is a dark, unforgiving place and doesn’t need another reason to be angry.
Can she open herself up and take a chance on someone who could eventually leave? Or will she run from from her fear of inevitable failure?
As she is tested time and time again, she realizes that she does have a sliver of control over the things that happen in her life. Not everything is predestined and doomed to fail. Or so she hopes…
At the precipice of a most important decision she wonders if she has the courage to step back into the roles she once failed to fill. She is tired of living with only rubble and destruction to keep her company and is faced with only two options.
She can fall, relinquishing her fate to the control of someone else.
Or she can jump.

Author Nicole Tillman

Nicole Tillman is an author who hasn’t always had a love of reading. As a child, she struggled to string words together and would hide in the back of the classroom with her head down in hopes that the teacher would forget she existed. Eventually, she was introduced to a young adult series by a family friend and her love of reading bloomed. Nicole now weaves her own stories, content to lose sleep in order to write both contemporary romance and thriller/suspense novels. She lives in the Ozarks of Missouri with her husband, two sons, and two dogs. Nicole has an Associates Degree in General Studies though Missouri State University and was on her way to completing her Bachelors in Creative Writing when she decided to take a sabbatical to focus on work and her family.

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