By Joe Klingler

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One man on a decades old mission. A woman who hunts him. And the bullet they share.
RATS twists from the shadows of a war long past to headlines hiding Washington secrets behind corporate incompetence when two warriors face off. Both skilled at violence. And deception. Both accustomed to winning.

Author Joe Klingler

Joe Klingler’s first thoughts of writing were sparked after reading The God Machine by Martin Caidin as a boy. The thrills painted by words competed with dreams of the future of digital computing. Computing won and he became an electrical engineer, pursued medical-imaging research, wrote papers, founded a software startup, received patents and design awards, which eventually lead him to Silicon Valley. However, he continued to be fascinated with the art of storytelling, particularly the interplay of people and the technology they build their lives around. His books are techno-thrillers that explore these questions while intertwining technology and his passions for music and motion.
Joe currently resides in California with an iMac and a handful of motorcycles.

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