R.A.E.C.E. Genesis

By Geoffrey C Porter

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A tale of war which has been 25 years in the making. Struggle and conflict throughout.

Mankind develops star drive technology and shares it with another sentient species, and they stab us in the back.

The tale is told through three intertwining points of view: a historical view, a starship commander, and a front line ground pounder.

Will Jack control his rage or be consumed by it? Will he hold onto his rank and place in Fleet? Hell, will he survive? Will human beings survive?

Author Geoffrey C Porter

Geoff started writing in 2003. He penned his first novel between Thanksgiving and Christmas that year. He had high hopes for it, of course, but errors plagued his first draft. He was driven to create an epic fantasy next, Juxta, Magi. Then he crafted a military sci-fi, R.A.E.C.E. Genesis.

He spent hundreds of afternoons during his formative years dueling over a hot box of dice playing tabletop wargames such as Titan and Axis&Allies. These games have strong military components and fantasy elements.

Geoff taught himself to program computers as a young pup. The first software Geoff developed professionally was a Chemical Weapons Attack Simulator for the USAF. He did it in Visual Basic 3.0 in Win3.11, on a 386SX16 processor. Since then he has built websites professionally.

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