Quest by Laura Masciarelli



By Laura Masciarelli

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Seventeen-year-old Ty Scalisi falls hard for Ashi, the enigmatic, brown-eyed beauty he meets in Bhutan, where he has joined his father’s archaeology team, skipping across the globe in search of the treasure of the Knights Templar. With their team of academics, Ty and his father manage to gain access to the descendants of a select group of priestly families, closely guarding a 2000-year-old secret, not only to wealth, but to bliss, enlightenment, and the keys to unfathomable power. As Ty and the team follow the trail they are hunted down and attacked by mysterious rogues who will do anything to keep the secret hidden. Ty’s father is convinced that Ashi can help find the treasure, so she joins them in the U.S., where Ty discovers she is really an enlightened master, with mystical abilities. As their team members get picked off one by one, Ty begins to wonder if Ashi herself holds all the secrets to finding the treasure. Dashing around the globe, confronting the Keepers of the Secrets, they find romance amidst the Illuminati’s determination to keep humanity in the dark and under their spell forever.

Author Laura Masciarelli

Laura Masciarelli grew up on Long Island, the second of five sisters. She graduated from Colgate University and became an analytical chemist. After thirteen years working in various pharmaceutical companies, she attended Touro College and became a physical therapist, working with children. At the present time she treasures living close to the ocean on Long Island with her husband, son and two dogs. Laura teaches violin and writes. She is interested in all things spiritual, whatever brings on that sacred sense of wonder and awe–a modern day mystic living in an every day world.

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