Queer Greer by A.J. Walkley


Queer Greer

By A.J. Walkley

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Greer MacManus is uprooted from her childhood home in South Carolina when her father is determined to fulfill his strange but pressing dream to become a border-crossing coyote.
Her parents take her and her younger sister to Prescott, Arizona to start a new life closer to the border. Greer enters a new school with the hopes of reinventing herself from the wallflower with one friend to speak of, to a social butterfly. She soon finds herself among the company of athletes, a swimmer herself. While Greer tries to get comfortable in her clique under the admiring eye of Cameron Keeting, the most attractive jock in school, she becomes increasingly interested in someone else. Rebecca Wilder, the beautiful swim team captain and infamous lesbian in town, befriends Greer, taking her under her wing. A love triangle soon overtakes Greer’s world, leading
to drug experimentation and mental confusion as she comes to grips with her sexuality as her world starts to fall apart. Without anyone to turn to, Greer must find an inner strength and the courage to be herself in a society that doesn’t always understand.

Author A.J. Walkley


A.J. Walkley has a background in journalism, film studies and creative writing. She served as a health volunteer in the U.S. Peace Corps in Malawi, Africa, after graduating from Dickinson College in Pennsylvania in 2007. She won the Barnes and Noble Rising Star Award for her book, CHOICE, in 2009. She wrote her third novel, VUTO, after being inspired by her experiences in the Peace Corps.

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