Publishing Contracts

Are you a publisher looking to promote all of your books and authors here on Lovely Books? This is the place for you!

Services Offered

Sign a 6 month contract for your authors to get the following:

– Unlimited Book Promotions – 7 Days Each (Normally $20 Each)

– Unlimited Author Promotions – 7 Days Each (Normally $25 Each)

– Daily Tweets (Normally $30 per Month per Author)

– Daily Facebook Shares (Normally $30 per Month per Author)

– Unlimited Instagram Feature Packages (Normally $10.00 Each)

PLUS: A page dedicated to the publisher and their books on the Lovely Books website

An Incredible Value

The retail value of this contract is outstanding. You are getting upwards of $200.00 of services per author each month for a minimal flat fee.

How the Contract Works

The way the publishing contract is structured is a FLAT FEE for the publishing house, PLUS a FLAT FEE for each author signed, a minimum of 5 authors and up to 10 authors per contract.

In the event that you have more than 10 authors to add to a contract, the monthly contract fee will increase slightly. This will all be negotiated prior to signing the contract.

Publishing House Contract Fee: $50.00 Per Month

Per Author Fee: $50.00 Per Month

Upon signing, you will be given an account on Lovely Books and will be able to log in and access the promotions at any time. This account should be managed by someone in marketing who has access to all the authors and books included in the contract and should schedule the promotions accordingly.

Sign Up

*At this time there is limited space available. We are only able to sign 10 contracts. If you are interested in a contract and all 10 contracts have already been signed, there could be a waiting period of up to 30 days to sign your contract.

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