Operation: Genome #1: The Warriors Awakened

By CS Patra

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Several years ago, people had a brilliant idea. They were thinking well into the future and tried to come up with the idea for the perfect superhuman. They believed a group scientists who called themselves Operation: Genome and put their children through the experiments. What they didn’t know was that Operation: Genome had more sinister plans. Their children, currently known as Frozen Warriors, were to be used to bring harm to people; not help them as expected. By the time they discovered this, it was too late. Years have passed and the children have grown up. They are soon discovering that there is more to their lives than the realize. Chuck Everett, the genius son to one of the former Operation: Genome scientists, gathers his friends up and stumbles across a dark secret. He soon realizes there’s more to their lives than they’ve been told. Operation: Genome’s plans are moving quickly. What they don’t know is that some parts of their plan are moving in the opposite direction. Meet Joe, Lowell, Eugene, Chuck, Reiko, Ally, Sam, and Megan. Half the world wants them. The other half wants to get rid of them. Most don’t know what they really are. They were made for the wrong reasons. They are fighting for the right ones.

Author CS Patra

CS Patra has been writing for a very long time and has books lined to be published in the next few years. Previously, she had written poetry books before releasing a novel under her real name, Lengths for Love. She released her first book series but certainly not her last.She lives in NC with her family.

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