When the Music Ends

By J. Kaye Smith

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Although both wealthy and powerful, Sebastian Bellini, is scarred by a past that haunts him. Exuding his energy to push those that attempt to make their way into his life out, Sebastian is left angry, lost, and living in solitude. Until Mia. Fighting her way through an abusive relationship, Mia McGuire, finds solace in the one place she could’ve never imagine that she could, in the company Sebastian Bellini. Recognizing that she and Sebastian share like heartache and despair, Mia is determined to break his protected veneer of contempt and set free the person she knows him, deep down, to be. Shadows from their past threaten as, finally, Sebastian allows Mia to help in healing what was once so broken. Together, the two embark on a journey of betrayal, loss, and love. This is book one of two in the Bellini series. The second book, A Song Interrupted, is scheduled to release August 2014. Authors Note: This book contains material that include drug reference and use, abuse, strong sexual content, violence, and explicit language and is recommended to readers over the age of 18.

Author J. Kaye Smith

I have published three books and am currently writing the third book of the Bellini Series. Book two, A Song Interrupted is now available on Amazon. Adagio, book three is set to release the early part of 2015.

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