Monthly Author Contracts

Looking to promote for less? Want to use all of our services without paying for each individually? Sign a 6 month contract to promote all of your books for one flat fee.

When you sign up, you can use the promotions listed below each month:

  • 4 Book Promotions (Normally $50)
  • A Full Page Author Promotion (Normally $25)
  • Daily Tweets (Normally $20/month)
  • Daily Facebook Posts (Normally $20/month)
  • 2 Instagram Features (Normally $10 each)

If you were to purchase these packages individually this all would cost you $135 a month, or $810 over the course of six months!

Billed Monthly

For a limited time only, we are offering author contracts for only $75 a month! That is $60 savings each month, and would make your six month investment only $450!

Pay in Full

Want to save even more? Get over 50% off your promotions by paying for all 6 months up front.
When you pay all six months up front, we take an extra $10 off of each month, making the monthly total $65, and the total cost $390.

To inquire about a 6 month contract, please fill out the form below.

6 Month Author Contract – $75 A Month or $390 in Full