Lord Esterleigh’s Daughter

By Kathy Fischer-Brown

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As a refuge from the cruelty of other children, Anne Fairfield dreams of the father she never knew, the hero who died fighting the French and Indians across the sea. Her mother’s stories, and fantasies of her own devising, sustain her through a poor and lonely existence. Until one winter night, a stranger comes to call, and the life she has known comes crashing down like shattered glass. Following her mother’s death, her father, Joseph Darvey, Lord Esterleigh, takes her to live at his ancestral home. Forced to confront sordid truths of family scandals, secrets and lies, Anne sets on a course of self-discovery…and forbidden love. Her relationship with her father proves contentious, and there are those who wish her ill. Danger lurks at every turn. Can she make her peace with the past, or like generations of Darvey women ruled by their hearts, is she destined to follow in their footsteps to her undoing?

Author Kathy Fischer-Brown

Claiming her best ideas are born of dreams, Kathy has written a number of stories over the years. Her first published novel, Winter Fire, a 1998 Golden Heart finalist in historical romance, was reissued in 2010 by Books We Love, Ltd., which also released Lord Esterleigh’s Daughter, Courting the Devil, and The Partisan’s Wife.

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