Only Human

By Maria Bradley

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14 year old Aecia has a secret. She lives in a world where evolution has ensured that VAMPIRES rule, and she is HUMAN! Disguised by her her parents and uncle, her life is a macabre theatre production with her as the leading lady. With no friends, she carries this burden alone until her desperate loneliness creates ‘Amica’ a blonde, blue eyed and carefree human friend whom she writes to in her diary. When she becomes involved with a real friend ‘Garok’ her life takes a disastrous turn for the worst, but as her terrifying fears are realised she discovers that maybe she is not alone, and as each calamitous morsel of her life explodes into chaos, she finds that her own birth has been the catalyst to events that will shake the foundations of the tyrannous vampire world forever.

Author Maria Bradley

I’m a very shy Author and have only had 2 Teen/Young adult novels published so far. I have always scribbled ideas for novels and almost dared to let other people read them, but when you lack confidence it is a scary thing to show off your work. Now that I have, I could kick myself for not doing it sooner. Writing is amazing, it opens up your mind to so many possibilities and when I am in my work I feel like I am there with my characters. It’s the same escapism I feel when I read a book. I only hope I can captivate the young people who read my work in the same way. If they are lost within the pages then I will have really achieved something.

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