Honest Wrestling by K Howard Joslin

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Honest Wrestling (Questions of Faith When Attacked by Life) uniquely chronicles the tattered-faith journey a family attacked by job loss, miscarriages, cancer and death. Author K. Howard Joslin honestly shares his struggles with faith as he navigates through heart-wrenching difficulties. Joslin composed Honest Wrestling as his wife’s fight with cancer unfolded and in the devastating grief that followed her death. We overhear Joslin’s transparent questions and reflections as the events are unfolding. One reviewer wrote, “The book was like reading a novel, except I knew these were real people, how it ended, and that the journey there affected real people.” Joslin is bold enough to remove his mask and honestly share his pain and doubts as he compares the reality of his circumstances with the claims of scripture. He confronts questions like: • Where is God? • Is God really good? • Does God have a plan? • Why even bother to pray? • Where is hope? Honest Wrestling will encourage all, whether skeptics or believers, who are enduring difficult times. Joslin intentionally recounts his own struggles with faith, implicitly giving readers permission to wrestle with their own faith. Another reviewer wrote, “You’ll be glad you walked through this family’s faith with them, because when you’re finished reading this book, you’ll unexpectedly realize that they have strengthened your own.” Readers that are over-confident in their faith or afraid to probe the tensions of faith will not appreciate Honest Wrestling.

Author K Howard Joslin

K. Howard Joslin earned a ThM from Dallas Theological Seminary in 2006, having received the Merrill Unger Award in the Old Testament. Future hopes were shattered when a heart attack and incurable cancer struck their family immediately following graduation. Howard enjoys hiking in Colorado and resides with his family in Rowlett, Texas.

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